Thursday, 1 November 2007

Phi Phi

A change of scenery on the busy Koh Phi Phi. It might seem like a nightmare after the peace and quite of Tonsai but it seems like a welcome relief. We are staying in a hut right on the beach with only mosquitoes and monkeys to annoy us. The climbing is right above us and it is easier. And we have a choice of restaurants and shops.
Ko Phi Phi from the climbing wall ( our hut is in the left bottom corner)
Went Scuba Diving. Amazing fish and coral. Dan saw a shark and an octopus. I struggled with my ears but managed the second dive fine and saw cuttlefish and Morey eels.

Looking attractive after a dive in Maya Bay (where the beach was shot)


tmullerd said...

Hi Jo,
hope you and dan are having a nice time, I just sent you a very long e-mail to your hotmail account, is it still working?

Dan and Jo said...

Did not get the email and can't find addresses that work for either you or Lloyd...