Sunday, 11 November 2007

Dive, dive, dive.

Back from the Similans diving trip and now in Bangkok. Still bobbing up and down as if on a boat and feel like i have a mask still on. Luckily i realise i can't just pee myself when out of the water.

The trip was FANTASTIC. Most dives were to 30m below, which was the deepest either of us have been and we saw loads. Sharks, octopus, cuttlefish mating, Barracuda, stingrays, etc etc.
I did all 14 dives, (4 a day and 2 on the last day), the night dives were scary!

Kee our Divemaster for the trip

Ahhh, my head if fizzing with Nitrogen and we fly tomorrow...

No photos of underwater stuff though.

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