Sunday, 2 December 2007

Life at the Pines - Mt Arapiles

The climbing Mecca of Australia - Mt Arapilies. We have been staying at the campsite (known as the Pines) below the cliffs on and off for the last 3 weeks (with time out the the Gt. Ocean Rd.).

A similar photo was on my calinder before we left the UK. 'Kachoong' 21

Above and below: 'A taste of Honey' 21. I almost lost it on the footless move right after the bottom shot but just made the crux to the ledge.

Stumpy - strange beasts that like to hide under your tent. At about the size of a house brick they could make a pillow.

BIG things - Part 1

This may become a regular feature if we find more..

We have also seen many real ones in the trees along the Great Ocean Road, but this was far more impressive! ??

The Great Ocean Road

This will be written about by Jo when she has time.