Thursday, 1 November 2007

On the rocks at Ton Sai beach

Two weeks have been spent staying at Ton Sai and climbing around the beaches there. We may have been here before but it was that good...

Photos say more than words (and internet is not free here)...

Dan on Burnt Offerings 7a+ (photo taken by Jo while belaying - not bad huh!)

Ton Sai beach in the background.

One of the local climbers hanging out. Dam those guys are good!

A blurred shot of the second i was on the slack line between the Freedon bar and the Ton Sai overhang.

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James Mash said...

nice, i still want to do burnt offerings, did you get it clean?, as im not climbing now im jealous as hell, but good on ya. nice to hear you two having fun and the photos look great. made an error today and my camera fell from the bunk, fortunatly the only think it did was kill the filter, so thats 40 pound gone, could have been mutch worse. o well shit happens. have now adopted the look of a hippy with a bright multi-coloured jacket i got today with a silly pointed hood, have fun