Saturday, 21 June 2008

Its a dogs life at Surfers Paradise

After hitting the coast we have been watching and trying (harder than it looks) to surf. We also had the good fortune to bump into a couple of climbers we wet in China who live near Surfers Paradise on the Gold coast (thanks for your hospitality Glenn and Sheree). Their pet Caviller Spaniels would have my Mum in tears.

Snapper point, Coolangatta. Gold Coast in background.

Geronimo - one of the two spaniels at Glenn and Sheree's.

Surfers Paradise
Today, while surfing, I saw two Humped Back Whales jumping out of the water! Amazing!

Trouble with Frankie

OK so Frankie is our car. The 1988 Ford Falcon Wagon. We were told it was a male Frankie but we suspect it is a stroppy 20yr old girl. She has been a little temperamental of late but when the going is good she's a fine ride and good to sleep in. She has only cost us a few days waiting around while she is at the garage....

Jo passed out in Frankie the Ford Falcon.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Cracking up at Frog Buttress

After a week in Brisbane trying to buy a car, climbing for a day at Kangaroo Point, sightseeing and staying at an ex-colleague of Jo's and new friends of ours we eventually hit the road in our 1988 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. The hour and a bit drive went well 'till we arrived in the car park at the top of Mt French and steam poured out of the bonnet. eek!

Ignoring this we have spent five excellent days climbing at the sunny crack climbing capital of Australia. Even Jo enjoyed the cracks after tapping up her hands! The classic four star routes were much enjoyed, although having a few more cams would have been nice. One climber claimed to have about 100, we have 9. Still its not how big your rack is, but what you do with it. And when at Frog, I leap frogged my gear up with me.

We are now down at Byron Bay and will be heading north. Time to go surfing...

Photos for this post will be added when I can be bothered. Tick:-)

On the excellent Gladiator 18** (which has nut placements for a change)

Me around the crux of C...**** 21 and a kiwi on Devils Dihedral ****20.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

We have booked our next set of flights...

We now know when we will be where. The summary of the flights are:

Brisbane to San Francisco 11th Sept.
LA to Dublin 9th Dec.
Dublin to Heathrow 14th Dec.

This means we will be in the US for 89 days of our allowed 90.
The Dublin part was a happy cheap flight option.

We have also found a car we are going to buy tomorrow, an aussie classic, Holden Commodore of the '91 vintage. Fingers crossed with this!