Sunday, 6 January 2008

Tasmania 1 - Taking lessons from a crack addict.

The Tasmania trip started like many other, taking a 12hr ferry over with a car packed with gear and supplies. To save time in Taz we had gone food shopping, however we did not know that your not allowed to take fresh fruit, veg or fish into the state. So we had to bin kg's of veg, and ate the fruit and supposed Christmas morning smoked salmon on the ferry.
Over the 12hr crossing we ate most of this fruit and refused to buy any other food on the boat.
We headed to Ben Lomond, Scottish sounding and Scottish feeling (cold and wet). The climbing looked amazing but after 2 days of doing the horrid boulder hopping walk in we only completing 2 climbs (in drizzle).

Frews Flutes area on Ben Lomond

Dan using bridging to rest from the splitter crack climbs

My first tape job to protect my hands

The crack master - probably laughing at my inefficiency to crack climb, or in need of a biscuit after hauling up that stack of cams.
More Aussie wildlife - wombat

Luckily we could shelter from the weather in the free climbers hut
We escaped the weather on Christmas eve to the sunny Cataract Gorge, here Mark is on 'Third Rising' 24.

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