Thursday, 17 January 2008

Boats, Bikes, Jobs, Gym and Tennis.

Having spent the last two weeks in Melboune things are just about coming together. Last week was mainly spent on the fustrating task of finding work. Jo is now a registered nurse and can get work through the agency from Monday when wanted and I have a job at Melbournes only real climbing shop, starting...? ( To be arranged soon I hope).

At the weekend we were invited to a new friends parents house near the coast. Here Jo took charge of a dingy catermeragne (Hoby-Cat) and in turn took Mark and I out on the river estuary in blustery conditions. Excellent fun and good skills Jo!

We started looking for some cheap secondhand bikes to use around town and did not win a few on ebay before being very generously offered a pair of mountain bikes by Adam and Cath. They have new road bikes and seemed pleased to regain space in the house for a few months. People really are welcoming and generous. We can now make it to the beach in about a 15min cycle - much faster than the tram.
To try and keep any climbing fitness (or even improve) we have both joined a gym (the climbing gym is too expensive) and have been using the weights, cardio, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna almost daily.

Last night we went to Australian Open to see some tennis - a first for both of us.
We are off climbing in the Gramps for this weekend and maybe to Sydney and the Blue Mountains next week, depending on when my job starts - come on phone, ring!!

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