Monday, 15 December 2008


Sorry about the lack of any details during the last 3 or so months. The availbility of cheap internet access was not great in the states, as you would expect when mainly living in the dust with no running water.

I decided not to now update so we have some new pictures and news when we see you all in person.



Hello! I am a climber from Brazil and I also have a blog!
Looking for some informations about Yangshuo, I saw your pictures climbing there, and i would like some informations about the place!
It would be possible to talk with by any e-mail? My page is
Good Luck and good climbing

Upland Jammer said...

hey, looking to publish something on Mangaokewa crag in NZ, saw some of your photos and was wandering if you wouldn't mind some of them being published? I like the development ones,
Please contact me on

happy climbing!