Tuesday, 19 August 2008

More photos added to old posts

I have finally got around to adding photos to some of the old posts that were lacking, basically most since we got back to Australia from NZ. So if you are interested and have time, go scroll through posts since June.

We have now been away for over a year! Phone calls are expensive, I know that, but we would really appreciate knowing what everyone has been up to and even who is reading this and seeing what we have been doing. There are many ways to do this - email, facebook or use the comment facility on this blogspot (you don't need any kind of account).


Only a few months until were back home - 14th December.


James Mash said...

Hi folks, sounds like you have been doing a lot in Oz. Shame to hear the car is still not playing.
Look forward to reading what you get up to in the states. Later and enjoy..

James Mash said...

P.s. your blog didn't allow anonymous comments. check settings.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous now works - Dan