Saturday, 21 June 2008

Its a dogs life at Surfers Paradise

After hitting the coast we have been watching and trying (harder than it looks) to surf. We also had the good fortune to bump into a couple of climbers we wet in China who live near Surfers Paradise on the Gold coast (thanks for your hospitality Glenn and Sheree). Their pet Caviller Spaniels would have my Mum in tears.

Snapper point, Coolangatta. Gold Coast in background.

Geronimo - one of the two spaniels at Glenn and Sheree's.

Surfers Paradise
Today, while surfing, I saw two Humped Back Whales jumping out of the water! Amazing!


pete.callis said...

Hi guys. We didn't like Surfers Paradise. It reminded us to much of Blackpool!! Were we wrong? Let us know.

James Mash said...

HI folks, where you at now, am in Sydney thinking of heading north up the coast.