Sunday, 9 September 2007

A Change of Pace in Yangshuo

We have now met loads of other climbers and so have stopped cycling to the crag and now share the cost of 'Speedy' the climber friendly taxi with a small mini bus. These mini buses have seats for 6 passengers, however they usually insist on cramming up to 10 or 11 in using miniature wooden stools in the centre isle - plus climbing gear and rough roads and you have one sweaty cramped journey.

Jo, Daniel (Ger) and Dan (USA) in the back of a Speedy.

Yesterday I managed to red point a 7b (5.12b) second go on lead - 'China White' at White Mountain. Being the first time I have managed to climb this grade ever I was quite pleased... In fact it was the target grade of the 15 months away, so what do I do now? Go home? No.

A photo will follow when i manage to get a pic from someone else.

Hand size spider with a lunch of dragon fly at White Mountain

We spent our last rest day kayaking down the Li River - saw loads of water Buffalo in the water and was extremely restful.

Jo on the Li River

Myself shortly before being asked to get out of the local equivalent on a transit van.

Don't forget the views...

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James Mash said...

Looks I need to sign in to post comments on your site hold on...done.

Good effort on the 7b and without the aid of dysentery.
Shame about not stealing the Van looks like it could give my car a run for it’s money. Guess the next one is to onsite a 7b,