Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Messing about on the river..... (bank).

Summer has arrived... it's June and the sun has been out, yippee.

Spare time in the last few weeks has been spent down in Chee Dale both climbing and wandering around finding new places and enjoying the place with M&D.

Looking down the river from Maxis Wall, Chee Dale.

The interesting climbing bit is that you don't have to be a super hero to climb at The Embankment or surrounding area.

Last night after work Steve and I warmed up on the usual (Arachonothera Direct 6b+ and Prawnography 6c) then I moved onto the aim of the day Hungry Eyes 7a+. First time up I rested on the bolt near the top of the flake, at the crux moves, and again at the next bolt while trying to figure out the leftwards rock-over.

After a rest, holding the rope for Steve working the 7b Secret Gudgeon Society, I tied in for the second go - on the lead.

Twice I thought I was falling off. Twice I managed to keep on and make the next moves. Big move right at the top of the flake.... wow, then move left and make a rock-over...wow.. small ledge and the top... woo hoo. My first 7a+ (I think) in England - have done this grade in other counties though.

Got home by 11.30 for a cold shower (boiler broken) and bed. In the morning I was hungry (no dinner) and had red eyes (too little sleep), but I had climbed Hungry Eyes! - cheesey.

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